Our Rules

Four_Paws_logoPets Flyer is committed to protect animals sold on our platform in accordance with Four Paws organization.

Pets Flyer verify the seller’s identity, so that there is no anonymous selling on the sites for animal sales to help stop illegal activity.

Pets Flyer checks all adverts before they go live to remove illegal, misleading or inappropriate adverts.


The seller must provide the following mandatory information to the buyer

Mandatory information on the animal:

Species type, breed, current age, life span, gender, country of origin, available from date, available to view with mother (puppies and kittens).

Health and documentation.


The following animals are not allowed for sale on the site:

Animals below a minimum age: dogs/cats under 8 weeks, rabbits: 6w; guinea pigs, rats, mice: 4w; ferrets 10w; birds/reptiles that are not fully self sufficient

Puppies and kittens which cannot be viewed at the breeders/sellers house with their mother

Animals that are imported or exported for sale

Puppies and kittens without a recent vet check (documentation provided to owner)

Animals advertised as must go within a certain period or as urgent

Animals advertised for delivery either by the seller or through a postal/shipping courier service (national and international).


Wild caught animals

Protected species and endangered species

Animals  which are banned by legislation

Live animals as pet food or human food

Animals in season or pregnant or for breeding purposes

Animals for ‘rent’ or ‘loan’

Animals advertised for fighting, working, hunting, racing, guarding

Animals with docked tails and cropped/clipped ears/clipped wings

Animals with any reference to being sold as a gift i.e. for Christmas or Easter

Animals for swapping with other pets, products or services

Photos in the Ad which are demeaning to an animal or compromise an animal’s welfare.

Poor regulation has allowed many classified ads sites to become a haven for deception and animal suffering.